Friday, August 5, 2011

here goes nothing, well it's something

since i was a toddler i've always had an obsession for MAROON. once you move to starkville and attend mississippi state it becomes not only an obsession but a passion. so, for everyone out there, who wants to know where to get great maroon clothing. i'm here to help. i want to help you find all the great maroon, white, grey, black clothing you can for maroon fridays, game days - and every day in between.
let's get wrapped in maroon and white.


{where to buy it}

mod cloth has great clothes. above is a maroon, front button, three-quarter length dress that is great for late summer and early fall.

{where to buy it}

 anthrolopogie dress : even though these dresses are going to be a little pricey, it's gonna be worth it in the long run!

{where to buy it}

 this sheer maroon top would be great with any top of bottom. 
work - black pants or tucked in to high-wasted pants
play - white shorts or jeans

& we couldn't forget to accessorize.... 

{where to buy it}

 maroon & gold necklace.
take a black or white shirt and add this necklace. perfect for any time.

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